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Torsion and erectile dysfunction

Torsion and erectile dysfunction

Torsion is a condition where the testes twist inside the scrotum. Though this condition occurs in men of all ages, it is most commonly found during adolescence or in infancy due to the changes in the reproductive system.

Torsion affects impotency in the sense that the blood supply to the testes is broken down. Once the twisting happens inside the scrotum, it blocks the blood supply to the testes. Once the blood supply to the testes is blocked the level of testosterone is lowered, which could lead to erectile dysfunction. The penis is going to get good erection only if there is a good flow of blood in the genital area.

Once torsion happens, it is good that it is treated immediately or it could permanently damage the testicles or may even lead to death. Torsion may happen because of strenuous exercises or an injury in the genital area. Testicular torsion may also happen otherwise, without any cause.

Severe pain and extreme tenderness in one testicle is a salient feature of testicular torsion. Some of the other symptoms include vomiting, nausea and swelling on one side of scrotum.

Once there is any pain in any of the testes, it is better to contact the doctor. The doctor may go for a scan, which could determine if you have testicular torsion or not. It has been said that the surgery for torsion should have to be conducted within six hours and if the surgery is delayed, then there is a possibility that the testicles should have to be removed.