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Need Of The Hour

Thanks to internet, people no longer live within their small world. Sitting at home we are aware of what is happening all over the world. Global community has become a reality. Common man is able to perceive the effects of global warming and other harmful effects of civilization on nature and understand the impacts. Knowledge helps us to understand the damage that we are affecting on nature and helps us to build collective consensus across the world and raise awareness about the global threats that we are facing as a human civilization.

Globalization and the availability of media and internet coverage on the global scale is changing the face of our life like never before. Any development in any field, be it in the field of science or medicine, the benefits are able to reach all the communities despite geographic location and distances.

The percentage of underdeveloped and developing communities is much higher than the developed societies in our world. The actual benefit of the advancement in science and technology needs to reach these communities that are under developed and developing. From primary and secondary health care, education, building awareness about health issues, basic nutrition and the necessities of life being food, cloth are shelter as well as sustainable source of income are the basic necessities that are required to be provided to these communities.

Though the nations, the UNO and NGOs are taking active interest in formulating policies, mobilizing resources, planning and executing developmental programs in the under developed countries, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply in all areas of development and execution. In the recent times we are witnessing active contribution and participation from the corporate sector and business houses who are pledging their support and contribution to charities and developmental causes. However to make the plans come true, there is a need for people to dedicate their time and efforts in implementing the programs and making them happen. The demand for voluntary workers in all areas and fields of expertise is very huge. The trend of professionals and students taking some time off from their life to volunteer in specific projects abroad is gaining momentum. Students, doctors and other professionals are making it a habit to dedicate a few weeks of their time every year to work for the social cause.

Actually speaking, there is a lot more that each one of us can do for the improvement of life on earth. Generally we find men approaching andropause by the age of fifty and this stage actually changes their future life. Reduction of male hormone in the body causes loss of sexual drive as well as physical vigor and muscle mass. Usually post andropause men begin to slow down in life and their ambitions to further career etc decreases significantly. Usually in the normal life cycle, one’s children would have grown up by then and become independently. This provides ample opportunity for men to start contributing to social causes and take up social work. Working for a social cause at this point of time in life can also help the individual and provide a meaningful future.

We hope in the wake of the New Year, every one reading this article will give a thought in this area and may this prompt men into action.