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Stuffy Nose

Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

We all are aware how stuffy nose can be a challenge to do day to day work. It not only leaves you tired and dreary, it also, makes breathing a difficult job. It is also known as nasal congestion. It happens when mucus is created in the nose, which in turn swells the nose. It is caused by inflammation in the inner membrane of the nostrils. It can also be caused by flu, hay fever, allergies, chemicals, tumors, deviated septum, sinusitis and environmental irritants. If left untreated, it can cause serious problems. Some of the conditions are ear infection, sinus problems and restlessness. There are many symptoms of stuffy nose, some of them are, sneezing, mucus in nasal passage, sinus pain, watery eyes, blocked nose, hoarse voiceand unable to breathe. There are various home remedies which are available for stuffy nose. Let us go, through some of them.

  • Horseradish

is a commonly available remedy for the stuffy nose. It belongs to the family of mustard and wasabi. It helps clear the sinus and remove the mucus. You can mix a tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice and horseradish and use it in your daily food. Even the root can be cooked and eaten. This will even help with chronic problems and will help remove the stagnant mucus as well. This eliminates the chances of further infection.

  • Inhale steam

Inhaling steam along with carom seeds is the best cure for this condition. You can crush some seeds and boil it in the water. Do this multiple times in a day for immediate effect.

  • Ginger

You can cut pieces of ginger and boil it with water. You can then apply it on your face, using a cloth. Do this for 15 minutes, making sure that the water is not too hot to burn your skin. This will help drain the mucus and the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger will help with the congested nasal passage. You can also drink ginger tea to help with the stuffy nose.

  • Eucalyptus

It as been established now that the eucalyptus oil can kill bacteria which is the reason for infection. It has decongestion and anti-inflammatory properties, which provides relief from mucus and congestion. It is a natural cough suppressant and clears the airways. You can inhale the steam of eucalyptus oil added to a pot of boiling water. Cover your head and do it twice daily. Also, you can inhale the aroma of the eucalyptus oil.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

It is one of the best remedy to clear a stuffy nose. It helps with the congested mucous and can free the nasal passage. It provides instant relief and the potassium helps dry up the nose. Also, the vitamin contents improve the immunity. You can mix the raw apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water and drink the solution 2 to 3 times a day. You can also inhale the mixture by boiling the apple cider vinegar with water. It may sting the eyes, hence keep the eyes closed while inhaling the steam.