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Healthy Living Tips From A Nutritionist

Water is equal to life for any organism’s health and fitness. Water has been known for a long time to reverse arthrosclerosis, also referred to as artery hardening caused by buildup of plaque. Water plays an important role in flushing the entire arteries in the body so that you are sure of oxygenated blood circulating freely within your body. Water will get rid of plaque by flushing them, thus enlarge blood vessels and subsequently making them more elastic. This is fundamental for a healthy heart. You should therefore try as much as possible to take sufficient water for the sake of your health.

Water is a pillar for good metabolism. Adequate hydration is responsible for increasing body metabolism, which is the actual break down of food to release energy needed by the body to perform its functions effectively. Water will allow the calories in the body to be burnt down very efficiently ensuring that you have good health and fitness. Water reduces the heart rate for most individuals. It is also proven that blood pressure can be reduced by drinking an ample amount of water. This research further reveals that water reduces fluid retention. Limit the intake of tea and coffee and instead drink at least three glasses of water per day.

Breakfast has been known to be the most important meal of the day. 5 grams of fibre should be comprised in the meal. Fibre is good for the health and fitness of an individual as it helps in the reduction of fats and cholesterol. Breakfast is therefore recommended to have cereals which have a high content of fibre. Breakfast that has at least 10 grams of fibre per day can immensely reduce heart diseases risks. Fibre is also good at reducing the level of diabetes attacks by about 30 percent, so get a life by eating enough fibre!

Taking in enough fibre quantity has been attributed to lowering the risks of cancerous diseases as well as diabetes. The fibre that we are talking about can be obtained from cereals, lentils and dried beans. A perfect combination of cereals, fruits, seeds or nuts can work wonders to anyone’s health and fitness. Most people believe that whole wheat toast and bran muffs are good sources of fibre when they aren’t. It is important to consume the breakfast within the first 30 minutes of waking up for a more productive lifestyle. This will surely enhance your health level.

Researches suggest that fibre prevents the intake of carcinogens which are the leading causative agents of cancer. It is crucial to point out that fibre is good at preventing the absorption of cholesterol into the body system thus reducing it. We should therefore have heavier breakfast with lots of cereal, our lunches have to be lesser than the breakfast while dinner to be lesser than the lunch. We all have to adjust to this system as it is the recommended eating habit. Eat more fibre so that you burn the toxic calories in the body that pose health and fitness hazards.