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Health tips while you are travelling

Health tips while you are travelling

When you want to travel, it is very hard for you to obtain natural/organic foods which you are used too. When you lack these essentials that you are used too, you start to eat other types of food stuffs that are not good for any health plan. This also owes to the fact that when travelling especially if you are using an airplane, you are not allowed to carry self food stuffs in some airports. Whereas, if you are allowed to move with the food, how long will it last before the fresh food starts to decompose? Therefore, follow the below tips and maintain normal fitness through your travel.

1. Cooler bags

When you are travelling, carry the type of food that comprise of your diet into a cooler bag. These bags have refrigerators that assist in preserving your food. Since they are not too big bags that can include all the dietary feeds important for you health concerns only carry the basics that are atop of your fitness list and which you know will sustain you through the trip. Traveling cooler bags are of differing sizes, your purchasing power and cost of moving around will determine the best bag for you.

2. Use the right type of fats

If there is one thing that you should be worried when you are travelling is where to get the type of oil that you use. They are readily availed in retailing stores and online. If you wonder why most restaurants fail as a business venture, the reason is always behind the type of oil that they use. Saturated fats are worst when it comes to health awareness. Therefore, in your trips always eat from hotels/restaurants where you are certain that they use polyunsaturated fats (specific cooking oils) and monounsaturated fats (olive oil). Olive oil prevents cancer ailments such as breast and lung cancer.

3. Carry along oatmeal

Not only is oatmeal easy to prepare, they do not need to be refrigerated. It is the best travel food that sources energy to the human body. Simply prepare a cup of hot water and cook them ready to serve. To increase flavor and balance the diet, add chopped apples and raisins.

4. Water vs. Fruit juices

In place of fruit juices, pack your own water. Fruit juices are a bad diet when it comes to health concern. This is because, they re rich in bad cholesterol that accumulates under the layers of your skin resulting in obesity. Water on the other hand soften your skin, dissolves and removes toxic from your body and moisturizes body joints.

5. Out country travel

If you are travelling out of country, when booking for a hotel that you spend your holiday or business trip at, certain that they offer natural foodstuffs that you eat. Or else, mail them and inquire if they can prepare special diet in case you do not want to interfere with your health.

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