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Caution in using Zoloft

Caution in using Zoloft

Sertraline is the famous generic name of Zoloft. It is commonly use in treating post traumatic different disorder like stress, obsessive compulsive and social anxiety and depression. It is not only prescribed to the different mental disorders cited above but it is also recommended to those people who suffer some eating related disorders like anorexia and bulimia and generalized anxiety disorder in spite of the fact that it is unofficially prescribed.

Zoloft belongs to the category of antidepressant drugs also referred as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) .These drugs are very effective if use correctly and appropriately. However, it can also be abuse and may give some adverse effects. Some of the potential adverse effects could be lethal. Thus, it must be taken with extreme caution and care.

Zoloft together with other SSRIs drugs were placed under the gravest labeling warning by the Federal Drug Administration. Its labeling warning is referred as “black box” warning. The FDA mandate all the manufactures of SSRIs to write in their label the strongest level of warning about the possible thinking of suicide in particular if the one who will take this drug is a child or an adolescent.

A number of researches and studies reveal that minor adolescents and children who had used this product whose ages ranges from under 24 year old have shown a higher potential suicidal thought in particular during the first month of taking this drug. Patients who are taking this drug and whose ages are below 24 year old must be monitored for behavioral changes which could lead to some dangerous action.

Moreover, you must administer this drug at the lowest possible dosage in consonance with the principle of quality patient care.

Aside from the higher chances of suicidal thought, there are some lesser adverse effects that are involved in taking Zoloft. It is known that Zoloft is a mild sedative drug which will make you drowsy. It could also cause a blurry vision and lightheaded. Thus, don’ take this drug if you will drive a car or operate a machine.

Moreover, there are some reported cases that Zoloft can cause headaches, vomiting and nausea. There are some diarrhea and dry mouth reported as a side effect of taking Zofra. It can also have a dismal effect in your sex life since it reduces your interest and pleasure towards sex.